Thank you for your interest in fundraising to support the vital work of Victim Assistance.

Your support is essential to deliver our services, helping people throughout Ireland recover from crime.

You can get involved by making a donation online, or holding a fundraiser yourself to collect donations and raise awareness.

If you’re a business, why not consider the benefits of corporate sponsor?

Find out more below!


get involved!

How to Help

There are lots of great ways you can get involved in Fundraising to help support Victim Assistance!

You can help us raise much needed funds by donating or by sponsoring someone who is participating in a fundraising event for us (see list of fundraisers)

Whether you’re up for a challenge, a bit of fun, or just fancy holding a coffee morning with friends on our behalf, you can get more involved by starting a fundraising event yourself!

We’ve some great fundraising ideas of the types of things you can do, (from the strenuous to not so strenuous!) and we’re also open to great new ideas of your own so please do complete our fundraising form and let us know what you’d like to do, and when!

We’ll then work our straightforward process with you and get you set up with your own Sponsorship page for the event.



 putting the fun in fundraising!

Fundraising Ideas


Whether you like to go it alone and get your heart pumping a sponsored run, or raise funds more gently with a chat with friends over a coffee morning, there’s lots of great ways to spread the word about our work, and fundraising ideas to consider.

We’ve put a few popular ideas below to get you started.

You may also have some ideas of your own, and we’d be delighted to talk those through with you and go through our straightforward process to get you set up with your own Sponsorship page for the event.

Simply pop your details in our Fundraising Contact Form or give us a call on Freephone 1800 277 477


Chatting with friends over a coffee is a great way to raise funds in a relaxed way. Charge what you want for the drinks and donate the funds to us.


A sponsored cycle is always a great way to raise funds, whether a road race with your cycling group, or individual trek. 


If you’re up for a challenge and daring, why not ask friends/workmates to sponsor you on a Sky Dive?  Challenge yourself and raise funds.


Baking and chatting with friends over a cake is a great way to raise fund. Charge what you want for the cakes and donate the funds to us.


A sponsored fun run or marathon is always a great way to raise funds. Keep fit, have fun and donate the funds to us.


If you love singing, or are tone-deaf but up for a laugh, musical events are always great craic agus céol, sing out and donate the funds to us.

Ready to get started?

Use the form below to let us know what fundraising/sponsored event you’re interested in holding, or if you’re not sure, would like ideas, or have any questions at all about how you can help Victims of Crime throughout Ireland, by through fundraising for us.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Fundraising Application Form

Important Note
We can only accept Fundraising applications from Adults aged 18+.
Please note. While we gratefully welcome all offers to fundraise, on occasion we regretfully may have to reject an application for an event if there's a risk to individual or public safety, or the event is deemed otherwise unsuitable at our discretion, but we'll be happy to give you lots of ideas of other ways you can fundraise safely and successfully!

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